In August of 2007, Oy opened her first food-to-go restaurant call Lao Food Express, located on the Northside of Visalia on North Court Street. In order to better serve her customers’ need, she decided to move to a bigger place under a new name call Thai Place Restaurant.

Our Business

To bring you the authentic Thai Cuisine, we know that our experience and well-selects ingredients are the most important combinations.  At Thai Place, every dish is freshly prepared from the very best ingredients.  High-quality meats and seafood are chosen to create our delcious dishes.  To make sure every dish provides nutritional value, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs are skillfully introduced in our cooking.


Who We Are

Our chefs have more than 5-year experience in cooking locally and internationally. They were trained in traditional-cooking school and work with the well known Thai restaurant .  As its setting and our chefs passion of freshness and delicious Thai flavour, a meal at Thai Place will offer you a memorable experience. One of the things that our customers always ask, is “what the special of the day is?”. Our chefs has always offered special dishes and new menu on several occasions.